Our Services

We all are well aware that seeking clarity on multiple academics and career issues are extremely hard for the students as well as parents. The right decision at the right time for a deserving person is need of the hour. The choice of right path in due time must extend the future to the lime light. Keeping the same in view, we are here offering various services in direction of your education, career and professional progress and well being.

Divine Career Education Consultancy offers a variety of such services at quite affordable and economical range (cost). We offer –

Admission and College Selection Counseling

We have a dedicated team of academic consultants who are well updated with the variegated academic courses to tune to existing career trends. They not only help you select the courses suitable to your academic inclination but also offer a range of best colleges or institute that can suit to your expectation and budget. As earlier we have informed you that we are in association with hundreds of prominent colleges of as many as 65 reputed universities in the country and abroad, you are sure to be where you should be with the course of your choice and interest.

Distance Education

The open and distance learning (ODL) system has emerged as an effective mode for ensuring quality education to diverse sections of society. With the fast rising number of aspiring students the infrastructure for face – to – face instruction fails to meet the educational demands of higher education with its widening horizons of courses. This is the reason that at present more than 25 percent students of higher education have got enrolled in ODL system in the country.

Divine Career Education Consultancy is trusted name in the arena of distance education, offering a variety of degrees and diploma courses.

Publishing Solutions

With our publishing solution service, we ensure the highest standards of quality with innovation in technology. With the excellent and experienced teams of our authors, content writers, translators, editors, proofreaders and technical staffs. We provide the best publishing solutions for academics, literary and other professional necessities. Our activities in the line encompass –

  • Receiving authors’ manuscripts for editing
  • Cover designs, E-books,
  • Pre-press processing
  • Publishing and Distribution
  • Printing services on demand
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Author Royalties
  • Template Designs

Ph.D Thesis and Research Work Assistance

Divine Career Education Consultancy provides its assured and quality services in Ph.D. thesis writing and other academic research works. We have been in the field for over a decade with an eligible team of Ph.D. scholars and relevant veterans who consistently provide high quality writing and data analytical assistance.

Our assistance includes developing research design, questionnaire, quantitative and qualitative study design and statistical analysis under expert guidance of our technical heads. The motive of our Ph.D. and research assistance is to help the scholars come out of tough situations and achieve their Ph.D. dream, that too in time. Moreover, we offer admission support for several national and international universities besides end to end services from Ph.D. admission and job placement.

Foreign Language

Today in the world of expanding digital confluence, people with expertise and skill in foreign languages are in high professional demand. If you are interested in mastering any foreign tongue of your choice, we provide you the service to materialize your dream any time you want, from anywhere you want. We offer full time and part time regular courses online through several Indian and foreign universities.

The foreign languages courses are available in French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese besides English.

Studying Abroad

It is one of the most beneficial experiences for college students to study abroad as it provides most beneficial experiences to them, such as being able to see new terrains, natural wonders, museums and landmarks of your host nation, having a chance to experience different styles of education with a natural atmosphere to hone your linguistic ability, having various career opportunities among many others.

With our associations with a number of foreign universities of high repute, we provide an opportunity of studying abroad with A to Z solutions needed in this regard.

Providing Industrial Training

Under our industrial training program we offer a range of vocational/skill training courses which cover a large number of economic sectors to avail skilled workforce to the industry as well as for youths to be self employed. We also provide post-school technical as well as vocational training courses leading to excellent career opportunity in short term skill courses. Our training courses have been designed to impart basic skills and know how to be in the trades so that trainees may be prepared for employment as a skilled worker or for self-employment.

Event Management

Event planning is a huge task, be it organizing a small meeting or a big program or conference. It takes a detailed planning and organizing skill to manage an event howsoever simple or complex it may seem apparently. A number of components need to be taken in consideration for organizing an event; these include establishing a budget, building a team, picking up venue and date, planning program, confirming sponsors, exhibitors and speakers, creating a marketing and promotional plan among others.

We have a competent team of the professionals to provide this service of event management which suits variations of budgets too. We have had experiences of organizing several events ranging from small meetings to big conferences, award functions etc.

Graphic Designing

Designing is an art of expressing visualization through words. As graphics are easier to be remembered than words, the role of website designing and graphic designing comes in play. Having been in industry for a span above a decade, we offer Graphic Design, Logo Design, Brochure Design, Website Design, Exhibition and Event Design, Social and Print Media advertisement among others.

Personality Development

Personality is such an important thing in a person’s life that it determines his/her professional success apart from his overall behavior and attitude in life. Personality as a whole denotes a combination of characteristics and appearance of an individual encompassing his/he pattern of thoughts, feelings, behavior, attitude, communication ability and physical features and traits.

Sometimes it is the personality which may be the cause of one’s professional setbacks and variant social status. Our organization offers the best trainers with psychological experiences in the field of personality development.

HR Services

There is a requirement of a wide range of onsite and offsite HR services to business concerns. Mostly smaller business lacking their in-house HR departments, have to outsource work to a certain HR agency. As far as larger companies or organizations are concerned they too utilize consulting solutions from such an agency for improving productivity within their internal departments.

We provide cent-percent virtual leadership development platform offering an excellent combination of one-on-one coaching, mass training which lets you scale top executive leadership development to the managements at all levels at your own locations.

Career Counseling

Since the motive of an individual behind getting educated is to be able to achieve his/ her career objective, there is an apparent need of career counseling by an expert counselor. We offer the best career counseling services through our dedicated team of counselors who apart from being well informed and updated in present scenario of complexity of career selection, have successful track records in the field. We help the students pick the most appropriate careers on the basis of their inclinations, skills, eligibilities and competence.